Buttery Oaky Chardonnay

It is so hard to find a really good chardonnay. Especially a buttery oaky chardonnay. Most chardonnay’s that I’ve consumed taste like pears, citrus, minerals or a little metallic. I didn’t hate them, but they just didn’t do anything for me.

What I’ve discovered is that I have a different palette than most.  If you like buttery oaky chardonnays, then you do too.

The vast majority of wine consumers like the pear/citrus/mineral/metal taste better than the buttery chardonnay or oaky chardonnay or both.  It’s kind of frustrating.

I haven’t found the best buttery chardonnay, but I have found a little boutique winery in Geyserville, California where my palette loves every wine they make.

Take their 2005 The Rocket for example.  A $40 Cabernet blend fermented in oak barrels for FIVE years.  You want oaky and deliciousness, this is the wine for you.

Or how about their 2010 Orange.  A white wine fermented on the SKINS!  No one in California does this, but I’m telling you it is heaven.  It is not the buttery chardonnay you are looking for, but until you find the perfect one … The Orange is the next best thing.


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